Behold the Man!

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Behold the Man!  Discovering our Hebrew Lord

This is the exciting new visual curriculum on the life of Yeshua (Jesus) by Dwight A. Pryor.

Behold the Man! has:
* Twelve in-depth study sessions examining key biblical texts from the Gospels
* Each session is forty minutes in length to facilitate discussion and interaction
* Comes complete with companion study textbook available for $12.00. 

Session 01: Quest for the Historical Jesus
Session 02: The Jew, Jesus of Nazareth
Session 03: You Shall Call His Name "Yeshua"
Session 04: Healing in His Wings
Session 05: He Spoke to Them in Parables
Session 06: Our Hebrew Speaking Lord
Session 07: Rabbis and Disciples
Session 08: Rav Yeshua's Teaching Methods
Session 09: Filling-Full the Torah (Law)
Session 10: The Divine Messiah
Session 11: The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand!
Session 12: Kingdom Priorities, Kingdom People
Series being shown:  
Southeast side of Cleveland on Sunday afternoons beginning May 6th.  Contact for directions and time.
Avon, OH on Tuesday evening beginning June 5th.  Contact for directions and time.